Tips for trading VIX options in the UK

Listed options trading in the UK can be a bit tricky, especially when it comes to trading VIX options. First, you need to understand how VIX works and that it’s a measure of market volatility and is often used as a trading benchmark for riskier assets, like stocks and commodities. Consider several things before diving in and trying to trade these options. This article will review tips to help you get started and make the most out of your trades.

Do your research

Before you start trading any financial instrument, it’s essential to do your research to understand how that instrument works and what factors can impact its performance. This approach is especially true regarding VIX options, as they are more complex than other types of options and can be challenging to understand without basic knowledge.

Learn the risks involved

As with any financial trading, risks are involved in trading VIX options. It would help if you always researched how these risks can impact your trades and what you can do to help minimise them. Knowing the risks upfront will help you make better decisions regarding managing your trades.

Pick the right platform for trading

Not all platforms are created equal regarding options trading, so you will want to find a trading platform that suits your needs and gives you access to the types of options you want to trade. There are several reputable platforms, so research and choose one that offers everything you need for successful trading.

Start small and learn as you go

Regarding options trading, starting small is best and gradually building up your experience, which will help you avoid making costly mistakes and better understand the markets and how they work. By starting slowly, you can focus on learning more about VIX options and building up your confidence in this type of trading.

Have a trading strategy

Next, you’ll want to consider your trading strategy when trading VIX options. Some traders prefer to stick with short-term trades based on technical indicators like moving averages or support levels. In contrast, others rely more heavily on fundamental factors like earnings announcements or economic reports.


Another important consideration when trading VIX options is liquidity, which refers to how easy it is to buy and sell contracts at any time. You’ll want access to a reliable broker who can execute your trades quickly and with minimal slippage, or the difference between the price you see on your screen and the price you get when your trade is filled.

What are the drawbacks of trading VIX options?

One of the main drawbacks of trading VIX options is that they can be complex and challenging to understand. To trade these contracts effectively, you must understand various financial concepts, including volatility, market trends, and technical indicators. Additionally, trading VIX options may require higher capital levels than other types of trades, making it more challenging for new traders to get started.

Another potential drawback is that VIX options are typically less liquid than other options, which may be more challenging to buy or sell these contracts at any given time due to lower demand levels from other traders. As a result, you may experience increased costs or slippage when trying to trade VIX options.

For traders who want to mitigate these risks, it’s essential to do your research before trading VIX options and select a reliable broker with solid liquidity levels and favourable fees and taxes. Additionally, it can be helpful to collaborate with other traders who have experience with these types of contracts or seek out online resources like trading forums or educational materials to help you develop your skills in this area. Ultimately, by taking the time to understand all the factors that affect VIX options trading in the UK, you’ll be well-positioned to do well in this market.

The bottom line

Suppose you’re looking to start trading listed options in the UK. In that case, it’s essential to understand how this market works and how you can use various strategies to navigate it successfully. By understanding how volatility is measured, and how liquidity affects your ability to trade, you’ll be well-positioned for success when trading VIX options.